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Better To Uninstall Programs in Safe Mode Windows 8....Simple Steps

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Better To Uninstall Programs in Safe Mode Windows 8....Simple Steps

Post by Admin on Tue Jun 04, 2013 2:00 pm

in safe mode, the computer uses only those drives that are an absolute
necessity for starting windows. In this mode, none of the programs will
be launched that are to start instantaneously with windows. This mode
finds its importance when it becomes necessary to determine the flaws
and defects in the hardware, in windows 8. There is yet another
application where this mode is of utmost importance when there is any
program or software you need to uninstall, and it is not possible to
delete it when windows are running at normal mode.

How to reach the Safe Mode in Windows 8

thing you can note is that in case you are facing problems to boot in
windows after several attempts, Windows will be automatically loading
the “Advanced Startup” menu for enabling you to reach the Safe Mode.
Step 1:
in Windows 8 if you want to go to Safe mode after starting your
computer, you will have to go to “Advanced Startup” menu which you can
notice once you type “Advanced” on the Start Screen.
Step 2:
there you will notice an option called “Settings” in the search
results where you will find “General PC settings” after clicking the
“Advanced Startup” option labeled there.
Step 3:
Choose on the “Restart now” option and Windows 8 will now start with the Safe mode on.
Step 4:
you will have to go to the “Troubleshoot option” and then to the
“Advanced options” and then choose the “Startup settings” option. Now go
to the “Restart” option for restarting your computer once more.

Enabling three possible Safe Mode options that you can choose from-

Enable safe mode- In this mode, the basic drives will be used to start
the computer. The networking system or the programs will not be started.

Enable safe mode with networking- This mode is also for running Windows
using only those drives that are absolutely necessary. The programs
will not start automatically, but in this case you will be able to run
the subsystem networking which will enable you to run the internet. In
this mode, you will be able to run the anti-virus programs and even if
you run the internet you are safe from any threats. You can update the
antivirus programs and also scan the system of your computer.

3. Enable safe mode with command prompt-

this mode you can run the same restricted number of drives but the
windows shell will not be started. You will not view the desktop but
will see the command prompt screen. In this screen, you will be able to
run commands. This mode will be good to clear the infection in the
systems and for uninstalling the programs.

If you go for the
Safe Mode using the specified options, you can login easily to boot your
system. Now if, you require going back to the original start screen of
Windows, you will have to press the "Alt" button only.

Steps to Uninstall Program in Safe mode using Command Prompt

→After opening Safe mode at the command prompt screen type wmic and click enter.

→Type product get name and then enter. You will see the list of most of the program installed on your computer.

→Now typing the exact name of the program you need to uninstall in the command press enter.

→Now uninstall it by pressing Y and then pressing Enter.
→Now close the command prompt because your program has been successfully uninstalled.


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