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How To Make Money with Blogger Platform

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How To Make Money with Blogger Platform

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 17, 2013 11:06 pm

There are so many people and corporate companies who are earning more than decent amount from this simple and modest blogging platform called Blogger. There are a lot of ways through which you can use Blogger to make a decent amount of revenue, including some real interesting ones.  This platform is something that could accommodate anything you just name it, and this platform certainly has it. Therefore, in this article, we will show you how you can Make Money with Blogger Platform.

Sell Templates:
Selling Blogger Templates is probably the best way that people thinks when they are taking Blogger commercially. There are hundreds and thousands of well-known companies who are just earning for their living by selling Templates online.  It works pretty much like an online marketplace where people can buy and sell templates.

You can also try your luck on by selling your templates through their marketplace. However, before you can start selling templates, you have to pass their quick test for FREE Developer membership.  If you are crazy about HTML and CSS developer, then you have the chance of generating some decent money by selling blogger templates online.

Sell Widgets and Plugins:
You can develop attractive and useful plugins and can sell them on different marketplaces like Codecanyon. The concept of your widgets should be concise and attractive because people will only purchase Paid widgets if they are certainly impressive.

 Otherwise, blogger has an enormous inventory of FREE widgets. People will not buy your plugins until they are of sheer quality. It is perfect if you are a skillful coder, who may not have template developing skills, but can put up a decent widget. Try your luck may be someday you could also work with Google.

Custom Design Development:
If you are a web developer and designer, then Blogger could prove to be a money making machine for you. You can offer custom template development services and can engage few clients to start off your career in custom development. We are also offering custom template development for blogger at

Create a Resource Websites:
Just like How To, you can also start a resource site based on Blogger where you can share tips, tricks and hacks related to the BlogSpot platform. You need to provide quality based tutorials otherwise there are a lot of competitors in this niche.

You need to be unique to survive otherwise tons of websites are just doing the same. Your content is the main thing you need to cook amazing content to impress your guest aka visitors.

Content Website:
Since, Blogger is flexible and free so why not to start a website based on a certain topic. Write some glorious content within your niche. Once, traffic starts flourishing you can monetize it with affiliates or other advertising platforms like Google AdSense, BuySellads, Infolinks and etc. it requires dedication and lots of patience, but the prize is pretty remarkable.

Provide Consulting:
Advise companies and clients on how they can maximize their earning potentials using Blogger platform. You can provide them consultation about a specific topic. It could be related to anything like affiliate marketing, Search engine optimization, Blogging and even Blogger. You can even give them advises through Skype call service.

The methods, which we have mentioned above, are just few ways of making with Blogger. In reality, there are so many ways through which blogger can be used for earning handsome amount of revenue. Everything depends on your thinking and uniqueness because you everyone has the ability to come up with something unique. Let us know what you think about this article? If you have better ways of making money online With Blogger then, do share it with us by commenting them below. If this guide helped anyone, then do share it on Facebook, Twitter and more.


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